Japan 2019

Made two autobiographical comics based on my experiences in Osaka (left)and Tokyo (right), Japan. 


マスコット! (Masukotto!)

I didn't have any one long story idea, but many small stories that I thought would be fun to express through the various mascots(masukotto) of Japan's eyes. I formatted this just like a manga so the comic strips start right and reads down.


An Acorn Scout Mini Story: The Haunted Hut

The prompt was to make a scary story while experimenting with different mediums. I had a difficult time creating something scary so I changed mine to be a small learning experience about Chinese New Year.


Inktober 2019

Inktober 2019 wasn't based off of any daily prompts. I experimented with new paper and inks with my and my friend's Dungeons and Dragons characters. The characters are from a typical campaign and a Pokemon based campaign.

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