All Rough Animation from "Out of Place"

A collection of rough animation shots I completed from the Senior Capstone film I was apart of called "Out of Place". It also includes additional animation I added when something was missing or redrew the character, Eggmund, on model before going into clean up.

All Clean Up Animation for "Out of Place"

A second collection of shots I did for "Out of Place" exclusively showing the clean up work and the final rendered 3D world that Eggmund the 2D ghost interacted with.

Rhythm Reanimate Dog Ninja

Reanimated Collaborative Project for the game Rhythm Heaven. The version of Dog Ninja is from the Nintendo DS.

Swollen Enemies

A cinematic universe was created from a small joke from a past collaboration. This is my 2D Production film about a cat named SwolCat and a dog named BuffRuff arm wrestling.

Timmary Tantrum

Timmary a young pirate is struggling to read.

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